Ark Evolution The Game

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By: Erick Molina-Diaz, Journalist

Ark is a game about dinosaurs and the evolution of mankind.  You start off as a person and all around are plants, trees and dinosaurs.

The objective of the game is to collect every single dinosaur in the game. It’s pretty hard.  Dinosaurs can die, get lost also starve.

You get level ups to help you in certain categories.  Categories like stamina, health, carry weight, melee damage, oxygen, food, speed with level ups you also learn engrams.

Engrams are thing you can earn such as a longneck rifle or a saddle.   Each saddle goes to a certain dinosaur.  Some aren’t rideable such as a compy or a dilophosaurus which are too small to ride.

There are caves which have artifacts.  The easiest cave is the cave of the hunter.  The loot it gives varies.  There are ascendant pickaxes, axes, hide clothing, and a soothing balm to help tame your dinosaurs.

There are also missions that give you loot. Each mission has a different task that you need to do in order to complete whatever mission you are going to do.