Wave Power

New ways of creating electricity are discovered and this is one very special way. This way uses the waves from the ocean or any water source to actually convert the motion from the water into electricity.

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By: Isaac Villa, Journalist

There have been many ways that humankind has created electricity, but there has nothing like this amazing method that has been released lately. The general idea has been thought of since 1890, but it hasn’t been possible until 2019! This kind of electricity is considered completely Green. It will not hurt the environment in the ways that it will not release or burn fossil fuels onto the atmosphere and will not hurt its landscape/environment. This works because it uses the movement from the waves, which are literally infinitely consistent, and turns it into what we humans call electricity, Amazing right?! As much as it has been good, like all things, it has its weaknesses, like in the fact that to produce large amounts of electricity, we need to obtain humongous generators that can support so much power without burning up and sustain these long chains. To get good waves for power, these devices are placed in specific places for their waves. But when big waves came to it, they would destroy these systems. Until they came up with a self-defense system that makes the system branches go up and attach to the more stable part of the machinery so then when the wave comes, they won’t break. Finally, these systems have been installed all around the world because of their rate of efficiency.