The Massive Star That Vanished


“Hot Blue Stars Near the Core of Galaxy M32” by NASA Hubble is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Elvis Pham, Journalist

A massive star is also known as PHL 293B, in a galaxy 75 million light-years away from Earth known as Kinman Dwarf galaxy. PHL 293B mysteriously disappeared recently and no one knows what happened. Most stars end their lives from a supernova that happens when a star gets too big, but PHL 293B didn’t end its life with a supernova. Scientists have figured out some explanations on why PHL 293B disappeared, 1. Maybe PHL 293B got dimmer, or 2. PHL 293B became a black hole and vanished. It’s nearly impossible for a star to become a black hole without a supernova, most stars happen to have a supernova once they end their life. Scientists right now are looking further into this mysterious happening.

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