Subnautica – General Overview

“Subnautica on Steam.” Subnautica, 2018,

By: Christopher Haase, Reporter

Subnautica is a semi-sandbox survival game. You swim around, collect resources, and try to get off the planet. When you play Subnautica, the first thing you will do is go through a cutscene of your escape pod falling off of a giant spaceship. The spaceship (The Aroura) blows up above you. Just after that, a fire extinguisher flies off the wall and hits you. When you wake up, you will use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire all over your escape pod. You can look around, and if you open the red locker, you can find some food and water.

When you go outside, you will have to collect resources from limestone outcrops to get some tools. The survival knife and repair tool are both necessary for completing the game. For the repair tool, though, you will have to take a bit of damage, as you need cave sulfur, which is guarded by crashfish. These fish will scream and swim at you before blowing up, doing almost half your health if they get too close. In the plant that it came from, you can find cave sulfur for the repair tool.

As you progress in the game, you will start to need to find Shale and Sandstone outcrops. Neither can be found in the starting biome, so you will have to travel to the Kelp Forest for sandstone and near alien structures for shale. When traveling beyond the starting biome, you will have to watch out for fish that will attack you. In the kelp forest, you will find stalkers, which are long, thin fish that can open their jaws extremely wide, doing large amounts of damage with each hit. It would be best if you had their teeth to make enameled glass, though, and you can get them when a stalker bites something (It doesn’t always drop a tooth, though). Stalkers will pick up metal salvage, though, which can be used to farm stalker teeth very well.

In the grassy plateaus, the biters are small red fish that will attack you and deal very little damage, but a group can overwhelm you quickly. Sand sharks can also be found here, and these weird creatures will swim in almost random patterns before lunging at you. They are closely related to the more dangerous variant called the bone shark, but you can swim faster than them.

As you go through the game, more and more of these biomes, enemies, and the helpful creature will pop up. You will want vehicles to travel faster, and a submersible (the sea moth), and moving base (the cyclops), and a giant mech suit (the prawn suit) can all be made, and each serves a different purpose. You will go deeper and deeper, and higher capacity oxygen tanks, rebreathers, and depth modules on your vehicles will become necessary. You can also make torpedoes, storage units, and reinforced armor for your prawn suit and sea moth, which are beneficial upgrades. The prawn suit can have different arms attached to it that do different things, such as the basic arm that picks stuff up, the drill arm that can drill out giant deposits, the grappling arm that greatly enhances mobility, and the propulsion cannon arm that can move heavy objects around.