All you need to know about keyboards

Source: Mulherin, Connor C

By: Connor Mulherin, Reporter

Keyboards might seem simple but they actually have things that make them very different. Like your keyboard could be mechanical or it could be membrane both work but they are very different. A membrane is just a keycap over a rubber piece that gets pressed down and mechanical keyboard has switches. You may be wonder, what are switches. Switches are what you press down on in a keyboard. they are made of plastic and have a metal spring in the center. there are three pin, five pin and optical switches. the difference between these is what type of keyboards they work with. Three pin switches work with three pin and five pin keyboards while five pin switches only work with five pin keyboards and optical switches only work with optical keyboards. Mechanical keyboard are more known in the gaming world, they are faster and more comfortable to press and they last so much longer then membrane keyboards. the one downside is they cost more. If you are looking for a new keyboards and have some extra money you might want to get a mechanical one.