John Deere or Caterpillar? Which Company is Bigger?

Caterpillar is by far the largest seller of large equipment in the U.S.


“John Deere 9520” by haglundc is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

By: John Stevens, Journalist

Farming and building construction,  two of the most important things we cannot live without.  These two manufactures are the largest heavy equipment companies in the world.  Which is more profitable?  Which one has had the most improvement over the years?  Let’s keep in mind that John Deere has a focus on farm equipment while Caterpillar is focused on the construction business.

In 2018 Caterpillar’s total revenues were $55 billion.  It was close to 50% more than John Deere which totaled approximately $37 billion.  In 2016 there was  a demand for more power generating products which meant for a higher demand in Caterpillar machinery.  At this time the John Deere construction segment had its largest revenue seen at a 2.5% growth over Caterpillars 1.5%

Even though both companies are expected to have a steady growth  in the coming years. Caterpillar  has proven to be larger and more profitable with their market value at more than $70 billion which is 40% more than John Deere’s market value at $52 billion.