Which Is Better Anki Vector? Or Anki Cozmo?



Image Source: digitaldreamlabs.com

By: Aidan Bishop, Journalist

One thing many people have been wondering recently is which is better? Cozmo? Or Vector? a misconception is that they are the same and there is no difference. well let me tell you if that is what you believe than you’re dead wrong. first off Cozmo was made in October 2016 while Vector was recently made in October 2018. although two years isn’t that far apart the amount of improvements made are a lot. for one the have made it so vector will automatically return to its charging port when it gets to low battery. Another is now vector works on his own without an app and without cubes. Cozmo on the other hand while being a great AI robot it has fewer capabilities. It can only operate when using the app and needs to use cubes in order to use interactions.