A.I. Surveillance And How It’s Used to Solve Crimes


Source: "Caméra de vidéo-surveillance" by zigazou76 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“NSA Security Cameras Surveillance Cameras. Spy cams.” by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Alexander Nguyen, Reporter

Facial recognition has become a controversial dilemma in the United States. Facial recognition has been banned from San Francisco. Hardly any people realize that police departments have embraced artificial intelligence. Using it to look at surveillance tape, that can track people or objects.

 New Orleans has been using facial recognition and A.I. for two years now in the New Orleans’s Office of Homeland Security. The city installed more than 400 cameras in places where crime has been committed the most, it also takes camera footage from over 150 businesses and private homeowners. The operating system automatically shows all incoming service calls including 911 calls. The cameras would turn on automatically when the incident is created anywhere within 3 blocks. The cameras are 30 times optical zoom which means you can see from a very far distance through the camera. It is also very easy to rewind to see the crime being committed. Any information that is provided through the camera will then be given to the officers.

Police officers in the city of New Orleans have quickly accepted the approach to recorded surveillance. New Orleans’s police officer, Paul Johnson is actually one of them officers who accepted the approach. He claimed that there was a shooting early in the morning, the gentleman that told the officer that he has been shot was actually the culprit. They found this out by using the camera near that shooting. The police officer said that he would not have known the truth if it wasn’t for the camera.

Some critics and people are skeptical with the idea that the police have cameras around the city. The second in command in the New Orleans’s police force, Paul Noel says that the information that they have are being used for correct reasons. He also says that there are accountability measure with all of the information so that it will not be abused by the investigators. There have been many people who are afraid that they’re being monitored since the some of the cameras are so close to their homes. That’s the problem with mass surveillance in our society, we have no idea what kind of impact this will have in America.