China’s Mega Airport

China, Beijing’s star shaped 2nd international mega Airport.


Image Source: The State Council Information Office, The People’s Republic of China

By: Isaac Villa Marin, Journalist

In the home of the largest economic requests for travel on air, in and out of China is massive! in a city with the population of more than 1.3 billion people Beijing’s requests for air travel has gotten heated. The blue prints and idea for a second international airport were first developed in 2008. To increase economic income and raise plane usage they decided to go on with this project. But before they could ever get the idea of building it, the main causes of making a second international airport was its individual capacity. More that 100 million people were traveling by plane annually, which got the government and development personnel looking to the bright idea of the 12 billion dollar mega airport.  The structure for this port would be suggested to be seven runways and a capacity for more than 100 million Passengers a year. This structure is eventually thought to be Beijing’s main airport in the future. The plans for the airport were introduced by Zaha Hadid Architects in early 2015. Instead of making a regular shaped structure they designed it to make something completely different, which resulted the idea to make the building a large six pointed star, which gives the distance from any person to any departure gate the length of 600 meters. This Airport will also be connected with China’s subway system which you would be able to travel throughout Beijing. This building was also design to sustain an earthquake magnitude of 8.0 on the Richter scale. To introduce the 197000 people coming in to the airport daily, they decided to make check in and reservation and facilities with face recognition, to make life easier. They also decided to make self-service facilities and real-time mobile baggage tracking. The structure will be determined to stretch out for over one million square meters, which makes this structure to be one of the biggest structures ever built. This project would have many entertainment stations and places to dine and snack on, it will even have a place for your pets! This project finally had their first flight on the 30th of September 2019 and it still runs till today as one of the largest and most expensive buildings ever built.