Pros and Cons of Having a Phone📱

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By: Alicia Zepeda, Journalist

First I am going to tell some pros of having a phone.  It can be an iPhone, Samsung, Lg or  Motto. There are tons of phones.  A pro of having a phone and texting other relatives that live in other part of the world.

The con is that some phone cost more and more each time a new phone comes out, and some people don’t have money for the new phones that come out.  Another con is that whatever iPhone that you use the battery goes down really quick and if you want your battery to last longer you have to take it to a store that can fix the phone and get a new battery that lasts longer and charges faster and costs more money.

But one of the biggest cons of having a phone the it can damage your brain because your on it for hours. It’s also bad kids now a days, because not a lot kids go outside and play.  They stay on their tablets and phones and don’t go outside and play around and go to the playground and play with other kids. They only go outside when their in school. So those are my pros and con on having a phone or tablets.