A Lot Of Jobs Now Are Becoming Virtual

More Jobs Are Virtual With The Pandemic.


Source: ishane

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By: Grady Clipper, Journalist

Every since the country has been in a pandemic a lot of jobs are starting to become virtual. Since people can’t meet online they have to use zoom/ other video websites. People are finding out ways to do a job from home instead of risking yourself the corona virus. Even tough the pandemic has lost millions of jobs it has also gained a good amount from trying to provide help. There has also been a new machine technology that would make for new work. I found a survey. Some businesses are using automated bots to cope the with pandemic.

Some people use a spreadsheet or other document to get their work done in a pandemic. Robot workers were on the rise before the pandemic started, but now it is needed more than ever. Which does mean more human jobs are at risk of getting taken to robots in the pandemic. The pandemic has shown us that most jobs can be done from a remote location. There is a good shot in a couple years we could have all virtual jobs, even when the pandemic is over.