The Plan To Refreeze the Artic


“Surviving in the Arctic” by U.S. Geological Survey is marked with CC0 1.0

By: Edgar Alvarado, Reporter

A team of designers led by Farris Rajak Kotahatuhaha has an idea of refreezing the Arctic. They plan to refreeze the arctic with this submarine type vessel that will go underwater and store the water in itself while freezing it then letting it back out. They’re basically making a machine that freezes arctic water, then they let it back out as a big chunk of ice.

The arctic ice is rapidly melting. The reason for this is global warming. the rise in temperature in the atmosphere is causing the ice to melt. These people want to help fight back against global warming so they want to build this machine.” The main goal of this idea is to restore the polar ecosystem, which has a direct effect on the balance of the global climate,” said one of the designers. Another reason for this machine is to win a contest. Farris worked with ┬áDenny Lesmana Budi and Fiera Alifa to build a prototype for an international competition organized by the Association of Siamese Architects. The team came in second place in the contest for its geoengineering to re-freeze the Arctic and transform seawater into new ice fields.

The process would start with the submarine submerging itself into the water to collect seawater in a central hexagonal tank. Turbines in the tank would blast cold air to speed up the freezing process. During the process, the vessel will go back up to the surface of the water with the tank shut to protect it from the sun’s heat. A system of reverse osmosis would be used to filter some of the salt from the after to speed up the process. When the ice is frozen, the vessel will submerge itself leaving behind a hexagonal-shaped Iceberg with a volume of 2,027 cubic meters. Then the process is repeated leaving tons of these mini icebergs that would get together in a honeycomb pattern. Multiple vessels like this one would do this same process in order to make the process faster and gradually rebuild the artic Icecaps.

We hope to see this vessel out there refreezing the artic soon. In the meantime, all we can do is try to reduce our carbon footprint to combat this Earth killer called global warming.

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