Giant Sand Worm Fossil’s Proves Fact Is Crazier Then Fiction

Giant Sand Worms Thought To Be A Thng Of Fiction. Have Now Been Found In Ancient Fossils.


Cormiere, Zoe. Bobbit Worm. Digital image. Web. 22 Mar. 2021.

By: Lucas Georgelas, Journalist


For years giant predatory sandworms have been a major part of fiction around the world. But now scientists have found fossils that prove that a giant sandworm could’ve existed 20 million years ago.  The worms were two meters long and used to roam the ocean floor of Taiwan. They were originally found by Simon Fraser University researchers, they were reconstructing an unusual trace fossil and found out it was the borrow of these ancient worms. The trace fossil was found in Taiwan in a rocky area along the beach. many were fascinated by how big and abnormal their burrows were. The burrows also included a feather-like structure towards the entrance unlike any fossil ever discovered. The burrows were also lined with a high concentration of iron. This led scientists to believe they secreted a type of mucus to help keep their burrows up for each feeding.


A giant undersea sand worm’s fossilized lair