Flying Taxis as Future Transportation


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By: Hayden Frost, Journalist

Why are flying taxis important?

Flying taxis are important because they are a new form of transportation that is more clean, cheaper, faster, and possibly a big change to our transportation system in the future, it could possibly change the whole taxi industry. There could be way less incidents of people getting hurt or killed by road rage, car crashes, pedestrians getting hit by cars, and countless other danger hazards. If we have more flying taxis and more people use flying taxis as their main transportation, then the amount of people killed by cars per year would dramatically increase from a high rate at

Flying taxis impact

Flying taxis could be a huge part in our society because if we have lots of flying taxis then we would possibly have a bigger and better transportation system and we could provide jobs to people who would train and be good taxi drivers. We could be mass producing air taxis where certified helicopters flyers could have a new job and the big taxi companies like Uber and Lyft, could make helicopter driving lessons for people who desire to be air taxi drivers, or need a job because currently, many people are losing jobs because of the global pandemic.

Company plans

Uber and Hyundai have released their model and their plans to the public on January, 9 2020 and they said that “What we think is that when we launch in 2023, it’s going to start at something like Uber Black pricing on a perceived basis” he also goes on about how when they mass produce Uber airs, they will make the ride price higher and probably have the prices at UberX prices.


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