Ultraviolet-C Lamps & Covid-19



Photo credit: Image courtesy of Signify.

By: Taryn Heuvelman, Journalist

Do you want an easy and very efficient way to get rid of germs and bacteria? Well that is why they created a Ultraviolet-C lamp. (UVC lamp) UVC lamps have been used a lot lately because of Covid-19. UVC lamps look like a blue light and is put in the middle of a room to kill germs and bacteria. UVC radiation can only kill the virus if it is directly exposed to the UVC lamp. So this means that if the surface is covered in dust or soil it will not kill the virus or germ.

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There are many different types of lamps that use UVC radiation such as excimer lamp or far-UVC lamp, pulsed xenon lamps, light emitting diodes, but the most common and used UVC lamp is the low-pressure mercury lamp. These UVC lamps are used in many places such as hospitals, classrooms, houses, gyms, airports, and much more. UVC lamps are very efficient and helpful when it comes to killing viruses and bacteria and is especially useful during the pandemic.