Bacteriophages: The Enemy Made Into A Medicine

Could the most dangerous virus could help modern medicine and science?

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By: Jackson Whitaker, Journalist

Bacteriophages are all over the world and they are on you right now. Don’t worry they have been modded and they only target bacteria. This is a really big deal because bacteria are becoming very strong, so strong that antibodies don’t work, the time that a cut could kill you could easily come back.  Another reason why bacteriophages help is the way antibodies work is that they are like bombs they just blow up everything and make sure there is nothing left. This isn’t that good because your own cells can be in danger.

Bacteriophages can specifically get the bad cells and bacteria. Researchers are very confident that using genetically modified Viruses and bacteriophages can help out people who are sick. Pharmacies are still worried that it could be dangerous but scientists are very sure it could be a life-changing leap for medical advancements.