Did Croatia Cheat With AI In The 2018 FIFA World Cup



“FIFA World Cup Trophy” by warrenski is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By: Sina Farchtchi, Reporter

We all know the how hectic the FIFA World Cup can be. In 2018 Croatia made its name by getting to the final to be defeated by France. In the semi finals they beat the favorites England 2-1 in extra time. This was after a win over Russia in penalties for the quarterfinal. Now Croatia is hardly a favorite team. This is their first time ever getting past the round of 16 so are they really just that good this season or is there a deeper answer to this. There is evidence that Croatia was using a highly advanced software called STATS Edge to analyze their opponents play. STATS Edge is a very advanced, highly efficient software program that can predict opponent trends better than anything else at the time. Now more and more teams are beginning to use this so it’s not a very big deal right now. While this isn’t necessarily cheating since it was never officially banned, one could say it is unsportsmanlike to ‘spy’ on their opponents.  That is the truth behind Croatia’s amazing World Cup run.

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