Do Video Games Cause Violence?


By: Anthony Cayetano, Journalist

This has been a serious topic for quiet some time. People made debates whether or not it was true.  I conclude that video games don’t cause violence and here’s why.

Just to recap you for what video games are, video games are a way of entertainment for kids and adults. Video games are are mostly inspired to bring fun into a persons gameplay, although some games do get graphic/violent. And this brings me to my main point

An example of a game that is/was popular is Fortnite and this kind of game rise some questions to parents for what their kids were playing. Some parents thought nothing of it but others saw what the game was about and realized that Fortnite was a shooting based game and also see that their kid gets frustrated at this game a lot so by taking their Childs pc or laptop or console or anything of sort, the parents thought they had solved . This Sprig an out burst in the children and this lead for more parents to believe that whatever their kids were playing is addicting and violent.

But is this the case? Do videos really cause violence? Its complicated but not a fog of an answer. Kids as a whole can have many emotions very quickly, Happiness, Sadness, angriness and much more. The point is Kids do show a lot of emotion to the thing they enjoy playing, now kids playing Fortnite isn’t something new millions of people play this game but the thing that concerns the parents is the fact that they see this level of aggression when their kids play Fortnite. This level of aggression is only temporary because of the fact is only when they play video games. Video games do cause the aggression but depending on the game it isn’t always certain for every video game. Some video games cause more aggression than others but all comes down to short term and long term. Video games are for entertainment not to cause everyone to go mad. In the short term yes video games are a factor of aggression but in the long term no video games are just simply just for entertainment and fun.