“File:Wingsuit Catching Flight at Sunset (6367632545).jpg” by Richard Schneider from Los Angeles is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Trevor Nothdurft, Reporter

The wingsuit combines 2 sports together skydiving and hang gliding. You jump from a very high place like a plane and then start to glide down. Wingsuits are based off a flying squirrel making one of its names the squirrel suit.

Wingsuits use Thrust and drag to move. Thrust makes you go forward and faster. Drag makes you go slower and backwards. There is also Lift and Gravity. Gravity pulls you down and lift pulls you up. Wingsuits can turn by tilting your body.

Wingsuits are much safer when landing with a parachute. Wingsuits users cant just land whenever they want. If you are risking landing without a parachute land somewhere that will break your fall. Also before you try Wing suiting you should try skydiving first multiple times so you know how it works better and you will be safer.

In 1998 wingsuits started being able to be bought and it started to grow as a sport. There is also different types of wingsuits used for speed, tricks, and distance.

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