War Robots – How to Win Beacon Modes


“Beacon.” War Robots Alt Fandom, 2014, war-robots-

“Beacon.” War Robots Alt Fandom, 2014, war-robots-

By: Christopher Haase, Reporter

When playing War robots, you have four game modes to choose from – domination, TDM, beacon rush, and FFA. When playing domination and beacon rush, your team has to capture and hold beacons set around the map. Each team has a “Beacon bar” at the top of the screen. If your opponents have more than one beacon, your beacon bar will start to go down. As they capture more beacons, it will go down faster and faster. This means that if you have 3 beacons and your opponent has 2 beacons, your opponent’s bar will be going down faster, but depending on how close you are to the end of the match and how well your team was doing earlier in the match, you may lose because your bar is still going down, however slowly it is.

When capturing a beacon, the more players you have on it, the faster it will capture. This is very important because in beacon rush, if a player kills you while you are both on a beacon but their teammates aren’t there, you can spawn back in once. If they have a teammate there, though, the beacon gets captured fast enough that you can’t spawn back in on it. Once you capture a beacon, if it is left undefended, players will try to steal it, so you have to watch all your beacons. Robots with higher speed and abilities like stealth are very good at capturing beacons, and can win the game for your team. The only problem with this is that if you just capture beacons the whole game, you don’t get many honor points for higher leagues and may drop in the ranks.

When defending beacons, if your robots stays within the blue, white, or red circle around the beacon, your opponents cannot capture it unless they kill you, but if you step out, then they can capture it. Don’t use phase shift or ravana’s ability (transcendence) while on a beacon because it won’t count as having you in the circle, and they will start to capture it. This is not a bug, it was a feature added because the developers wanted to see more action on the beacons. The amount of players on a beacon doesn’t matter unless there is nobody of the other team on it. If the other team has no robots on it, then you will capture the beacon more quickly the more robots of your team there are on it. This is extremely important in beacon rush because if you have two robots on a beacon, the other team won’t be able to drop in fast enough, but if you only have one, then they will.

In beacon rush, when choosing where to drop your robot, choose a beacon that either has an unguarded enemy beacon nearby or a beacon that has a player or two closing in to capture it. If you choose to go for the unguarded beacon, be aware that the enemy may change their robot just to stop you. If you choose to defend a beacon, make sure that you won’t just be destroyed when you drop in. For example, don’t drop a bad robot (for your league) in with 4 players coming toward the beacon, your robot will just be destroyed.