How Did Dream Get So Popular


“Its happening again” by kayepants is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

By: Sina Farchtchi, Reporter

How did the Minecraft Youtube channel Dream get so popular? There are few key points that I will go over to answer that question, but first one piece of information that will blow your mind. Dream has 15.5 million subscribers gained in just about 18 months. He created his channel in 2014 but the only videos that are not deleted are from his first upload on July 6, 2019, the video This Cursed Minecraft Lets Play Will Trigger You. Currently Dream is the most trending Minecraft channel with about 20-50 million view per video but the main question is how did he get this popular?

When Dream started his Youtube channel in 2014 he was 15 years old, a typical school kid. He was interested in Youtube so he uploaded some videos. These videos got some views but not much, because he was inconsistent in uploading and his videos were not the most intriguing. Dream went on and off creating videos for about 3 years. then in 2019 he decided to really learn how you Youtube worked and he dug deeper. He learned how the famous Youtube creators got famous. With his new know how of Youtube he made a few changes to his style. First, he made videos about trending topics. This was so he could draw viewers in and so more people would learn about his channel. Dream figured out if he made videos on trending topics he would attract more viewers when people searched for that topic. One example of this is his video playlist on PewDiePie. He made videos on how to get his Minecraft seed, home address and a few others. This is the type of clickbait videos that would draw viewers in.  Next, he uploaded consistently. This was so when he got new viewers he still kept the old ones. when Dream got new viewers on his channel he had to figure out a way to keep them. He would make different Minecraft gameplay videos so his viewers would not get bored of his content. Soon enough Dream hit 1 million subscribers. His channel got more and more views and kept growing from thousands to millions of subscribers in just a short time. To expand his channel Dream made a new video series called Unsolved Mysteries. But what took his channel from 1 million to 10 million was the series Minecraft Manhunt. Currently the series Minecraft Manhunt is one of the most trending topics on Youtube.

Dream has made a huge accomplishment in his channel has now 15.9 million subscribers. So that is how Dream went from hundreds, to thousands, to millions, to ten million in only one year. That is the story of how Dream got so popular.

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