The Unbeatable Tic Tac Toe AI

Tic tac toe Game –

By: Chloe Carr, Journalist

Have you ever wanted to create an unbeatable tic tac toe using Artificial Intelligence? Using Minimax algorithms, now you can! According to Greg Surma, “Minimax is a recursive algorithm which is used to choose an optimal move for a player assuming that the opponent is also playing optimally.” In other words, it is an algorithm that makes the best decision, assuming that it’s opponent is also trying to make the best decision.

For example, imagine this scenario:

The most logical decision in this case, would be to place an X in the center. The AI would come to this same conclusion by picking the 1.0 path out of the others in the tree. This automatically guarantees a win.

This relates to engineering because someone has to engineer the algorithm and the AI program itself.