Ploota: The Inflatable Life Jacket


Multiple people use life jackets to safe them from drowning, but life jackets can be very uncomfortable. Ploota, however, isn’t.

Ploota is a inflatable life jacket that deploys when it senses drowning danger. Ploota is just a ring around the neck. Even though the life jacket wouldn’t be effective if you were diving or snorkeling, it is still protection and safety.

When the device deploys, two inflatable cushions inflate on each side of the person’s neck to keep their head above the water. There is also a physical trigger on the left side of the ring. The ring, however, is a bit heavy but there is a lightweight option for kids. One of the downsides is that you have to replace the CO2 carton every time that you deploy the device.

This product relates to engineering because engineers had to innovate the life jacket and test it to see if it worked.

To find more information about Ploota, visit this website.
This video shows how to wear Ploota and how it works.