APS Post #1


I’m planning on making the APS, standing for Aqua Propeller Scouter. It will be a vehicle that will be able to travel in both land and on water. Since I love fishing, I’m also planning on installing a camera to see underwater, and will use an Arduino for the wheels and possibly more. More posts to come.

A blue UNO arduino.
An Arduino

I will first make a frame for the vehicle using Styrofoam and hollow it out to fill it up with all the electronics. Next, I will use an Arduino to control wheels using a remote control. Finally, I will add the camera and add the ‘propellers’ on the wheels so that it can propel itself in water.

Here are I’m basing my project on this video

Here are some links for programming the motors and remote control: https://electrosome.com/dc-motors-arduino-ir-remote/ https://dronebotworkshop.com/using-ir-remote-controls-with-arduino/


  • The vehicle can travel on both land and water
  • It’s not huge and can be transported easily
  • It doesn’t require anything insanely expensive
  • You can use it in a variety of ways
  • The arts and craft materials needed are easy to find


  • It requires at least 1 Arduino
  • Testing it on water is risky (Sinking, water seeping in)
  • Programming the wheels are complex and will require a lot of research
  • May not be sturdy
  • You need a body of water to test the “aqua part”