#BRIDGEBENCH – Directions

Model Bridge

Model Bridge

We are going to build a bridge that is 2 to 3 feet off the ground. One side has no railings where people can hang their feet off. The other side will be like the back of a bench so that the person sitting can lean back.

A how-to video that we picked up for our idea.
This also helped us get an idea of what we’re going to make.
We’re thinking about making a mix between a bridge and a bench. So, we are going to copy the back part of the bench.

The pros and cons of our project:


  • Doing this will produce a place that people will be able to sit
  • Kids would be able to play on it
  • It could be used as a way of transportation
  • It would attract more people to take a walk outside
  • It could be used as a place to sit and learn
  • It could be used as a resting place after a long walk


  • It could break apart with the amount of weight it is supporting
  • It can obscure the view of the people
  • It is flammable
  • The wood could start to decay and break apart
  • It can be destroyed by nearby termites
  • People sitting down can block the people getting by

Model of a bridge.