Project Update #5 – Preparing the Large Syringes #WoodenPress


There are a lot of steps to start making the Wooden Hydraulic Press. We of course got the stuff that we need to make it. First of all, we are going to start preparing the holes for the large syringes to fit in so that we can get over with the electric board cutters. This has to take place by cutting the half of the board and drawing holes for the syringes to fit in. After measuring and drawing the board, we have to start using the scroll saw to cut the lines of the board.

Day 1. Today, we are just going to measure the holes for the hydraulic press. Since we got the items, we are checking to make sure we got everything. Everything seemed alright, but we didn’t have the small syringe yet. It’s okay for now, because we are just going just cut the holes. So William and I started to measure the cutting size of the board and then start drawing the holes for the syringes. So, we measured the holes for the rest of the day and then we are going to start the cutting next class.

Day 2: Today, we are planning to start cutting the lines for the syringes. We are now done with the measuring and we are going to start cutting the lines on the board. We are using the scroll press to cut the lines accurately as we can. After cutting the board lines, we then tested the syringes inside the board if they fit or not. But they do fit and that’s what we have accomplished today. In conclusion, we cut the board where the large syringe fits and we have accomplished it.