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Guitars: The Best Wooden Instrument

Guitars: The Best Wooden Instrument

The Guitars

The famous six string instrument, the guitar, is one of the most common instruments in the world. It was created in the early 15th century. There are only two different guitar designs: the acoustic guitar, and the electric guitar. Most types of music can be played with these two guitars, ranging from hip-hop to rock.

An acoustic guitar is being played.

This instrument allows the freedom to express yourself and your feelings every time you play a guitar. For example, imagine you are arriving home from school, work, or somewhere that causes stress. You grab your guitar and start playing. After a few songs, your stress has started to vanish.


This is the string vibrating..

Though acoustic and electric are both types of guitars, they have many differences between them. One of the most significant factors that distinguish these two types is the number of holes. Acoustic guitars have holes in the middle of the guitar, and the electric guitars do not have holes. For this reason, the acoustics are made in this way: when you start plucking the string, the sound of the vibration that is being made by the tension of the string goes right inside that hole and starts bouncing to make the sound louder. On the other hand, the electric guitars do not have the hole, so the sound of the vibration of the string is made by the electromagnetic pickups, making the force transfer from a wire to a speaker.

Type of material used to build the acoustic and electric guitars.

A main difference everyone notices at first between the guitars, is the material that is made out of. The acoustic guitars are made out of wood from body to neck. The type of material for the strings depend on the type of wooden guitar. If it is an acoustic, then all strings are made of steel. However, if it is a Spanish guitar, the strings are made of nylon.

The electric guitar’s body, neck, and finger prints are all made of wood. The different types of wood include: Mahogany, Alder, Basswood, Ash, Maple, Rosewood, and Ebony. These woods are also used for acoustic guitars. Inside the guitar, there are many types of materials being used, such as metal plastic, steel, copper wire, magnets, metal, aluminum, and rarely bone for the bridge.

These are all electric guitars with different design on it.

How do the electric guitar pick ups work?

You can see here the pick ups and also the Hum-Canceling Pickup.

The electric guitars are based off electromagnetism that converts the vibration of the string into electrical signals. The pick ups are responsible for doing that. Once the vibration of the string is being magnetized to the poles, there is a ribbon that holds a bunch of coils, which is responsible to pick up electromagnetic energy as an antenna. That coil makes an external magnetic field which causes voltages, and that signal it is being transferred form the guitar to the output jack.

How would playing guitar benefit you?

As stated earlier, playing guitar is a helpful way to reduce stress. Playing calm and medium speed music is the best way to play. In addition, once introduced to playing, you may listen or play music from different cultures and countries. Management of time would be another thing that you will start learning, because if you are willing to play guitar you have to practice daily to improve. The most important benefit of learning how to play guitar is helping to prevent “dementia,” according to the Emory University School of medicine.

Dementia is when a person has memory loss which is related with Alzheimer, and is severe enough to interfere with daily life.

This is a video, showing the top 20 songs that you can play on an acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is related to engineering because it is made with wood and it its made to fit the guitar’s unique shape. The body is built to have a strong support, too. Finally, the string to be made so it reaches a specific point of how far it stretches to play with the corespondent sound.

Here is another video but of some popular songs played by an electric guitar. The electric guitar is related to engineer because it works by an electromagnetic system that converts the vibration of the string into sound. It was designed by an engineer who was trying to create an advanced version of the acoustic guitar.


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Guitars: The Best Wooden Instrument