By: Charlie Ackla

When people talk about saving the environment and saving the Earth, ocean pollution is one of the main topics. Scientists, researchers, and engineers around the globe are trying to find the solution to this major problem. I really think that this new, truly revolutionary device will be the solution to ocean pollution. Seabin is basically just a floating rubbish bin located in the water that sucks in trash and filters the ocean.

The Seabin moves up and down with the range of tide collecting all floating trash. Water is sucked in from the surface and passes through a catch bag inside capable of taking in 25.00 liters per hour. The water is then pumped back into the ocean leaving litter and debris trapped in the catch bag to be disposed of properly.
The Seabin also has the potential to collect a percentage of oils and pollutants floating on the water surface.

The price for a Seabin is 2,500 euros (because they are mostly in Europe). They can be bought on the website click here to visit. Here are some pictures of a Seabin below.

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Seabin collects plastic bags, water bottles, and other garbage from the ocean and filters water.
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Seabin is an example of environmental engineering. Anything that helps the environment is an example of environmental engineering.

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