Cutting the base for an Air Hockey Table


My group is currently cutting the wood for our base. We have a 8×4 MDF wood. The length that we would like to cut s 6×4. We were able to measure 6 feet and we were now prepared to cut. We took our piece of wood over to our table and hung the edge we were cutting off over the edge of the table. We used a circular saw to cut the piece of wood. We had to be very careful because this peice of wood could effect how the rest of our project since it was our base. We cut the wood almost perfect, we are now ready to cut the rest of the air hockey table and attach it to the base.

Image result for mdf wood

This relates to engineering because we had to make sure that we had measured correctly and then had to cut very carefully.  This is how cutting the base of an Air Hockey table relates to engineerin