Skee Ball Machine Model


This is a picture of our model made of balsa wood. The measurements are written on the different faces.

Our group started to plan the construction of our skee ball machine and finished a model to scale. The model is made of balsa wood planks and sticks. Using the model, we were able to figure out the proper measurements for our life size product and order the proper amount of plywood to build the machine.

Skee ball has been a popular arcade game since its initial introduction in 1909. Our project connects engineering to the world by showing people how to build a popular game with history in the arcade business. Children of ages can relate to the fun of playing skee ball at their local arcade. Our project brings that game and its engineering to the world.

For a real skee ball machine, building would require electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. The electrical engineers would design the electrical aspects of the game, such as the lights, sounds, point system, and ball releaser. The mechanical engineers would design the physical aspect of the game, such as the internal structure and the outer appearance.