Electronic Sensor Pen

Electronic Sensor Pen

Has there ever been a more amazing invention than the pen—an incredibly convenient way of recording information that dates back thousands of years? The only trouble is, pens and paper are not very compatible with the digital technology that surrounds us in the modern world. It’s all very well scribbling little notes to yourself as you sit on the train, but what if you need to put that information into your computer  when you get home? Until recently, your only option would have been to read back your notes and type in the information (that is, write it out all over again)—but now there’s a better solution: the digital pen.

This website is where I got this idea from —https://brightside.me/creativity-design/14-cool-inventions-that-will-take-you-to-the-future-327860/

In my opinion how I think this relates to engineering is because it actually will help the engineers. Field staff and engineers take notes, make comments, and draw sketches or diagrams on paper maps as they normally would, and the digital pen records each stroke as “digital ink,” so how it relates is because this item did not just come up in the air, the engineers had to build them by thinking over a long period of time and them coming up with the solution them making it.

How this relates to life is that it could be a life hack for so many people by not wasting our time because every second is worth it.

WHAT DOES IT DO? ——— how this pen works is that it looks like a regular pen but much bigger, This pen records everything that you write as you write them and it would automatically be send to your computer.

HOW DOES IT WORK—-  electric circuits, optical devices, and Bluetooth gizmos, they can record the things you write as you write them and transmit them automatically to your computer using wireless technology.


In conduction this pen can help all types of people from a student to even the president.