Make a Simple Welded Bar Stool

From: IKEA

From: IKEA

By: Muhammad Qattoum

Step one begin making a for, start by creating creating a form for the stool. Cut 4 pieces sized 7 1/422 1/2. Next angled base for form the base should be 3 1/2 feet wide. Now finish the base the ends of the chair were cut at 45 degrees, the corners should have a little gap to allow the iron to rest against them regardless of any internal radius that might exist on the metal pieces. Glue and nail the scraps in place. Now cut the legs and make them all even and same height so the chair sits up right. Stool top you can make it with a four pieces of iron. Welding the iron isn’t an easy task there is tips and tricks online when your doing it. Now you get a portable vise and you an just find a piece of wood and use that. Now you are gonna make a footrest they should all be evenly 12 inches, cut with a 45 degree angle. Then finish welding all the parts should be welded together. You have to make a seat you are going to want to use wood on it. Now the last step is your going to want to paint the chair then your done and you have your chair.

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This relates to engineering because the makers had to go through a process of planning, designing, building, and finally testing. The creators would have had to gone through many prototypes and designs to make a final product.