How to Dehydrate Marshmellows


I know this sounds pretty weird but dehydrated marshmallows sound really good! In this Instructables post, a girl dehydrates marshmallows! Apparently, they get very crunchy “kind of like liquid nitrogen marshmallows but without all the frostbite!” the woman stated.   To dehydrate marshmallows you have to first spread the miniature marshmallows onto the trays. If your food dehydrator has multiple settings, set it to medium, or 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Dehydrate the marshmallows for about 2 hours or until slightly wrinkled and crispy. The marshmallows won’t shrink much but will still be done. And then according to my sources, the dehydrated marshmallows turn out just like those cereal marshmallows you get in Lucky Charms or other cereals. The steps make it really easy to dehydrate marshmallows, but the tips and tricks help.

This story relates to engineering alot because it uses the engineering and design process to plan and it also has problems with the idea. Just like engineering and designing has! It also uses a dehydrator! Hello? That obviously has to do with engineering! This post also has to do with life because the dehydrated marshmallows taste just like lucky charm marshmallows which everyone picks out because they are so good! This definitely relates to life!