Transparent Smartphone Back


Has your smartphone been looking a bit plain and boring? Well this article is here to spice up your phone a bit. I feel like this article relates to the real world. This mod will make the back of your phone clear, so you can see the insides. You can only do this if your phone has a glass back.

because almost everyone has a smartphone and uses it everyday. I feel like this article relates to engineering because you are taking something apart.

Step One, Use a heat gun to heat up and soften the adhesive holding the back glass in place. Heat the back up until it is just too hot to touch, then gently use a flat tool to pry up the back being gentle so you do not crack the glass.

Step Two, Once you get the glass off, set it to the side. We will use a paint thinner to soften the paint and scrape it off with a metal tool

Step Three, Wash the clean paint free glass back in warm water.

Step Four Optional, You can trim the inside plastic to make the phone more visually appealing but it may cause your phone to lose functionality.

Step Five, Use double sided adhesive to secure the glass to the phone again, be sure to clean the glass beforehand.

Boom! You now have a good looking phone. Keep in mind that the water resistance ability of your phone is now lost.