MIT’s Robotic Cheetah

MITs Robotic Cheetah

By: Omar Abdalla

WOW! A robotic cheetah, I have never seen anything like this. Of course it was made in MIT one of if not the best college in the world. This robotic cheetah CANNOT go as fast as a regular cheetah. This robot cheetah can run up to 10 miles per hour and jump up to 33 centimeters. And its legs are very interestingly, powered by a powerful motor. The construction of the robotic cheetah wasn’t easy as they had to include everything like enough support, a shell, an outer supportive layer etc.Those parts had to be included because it is such a dynamic robot invention/creation. The robotic “limbs” were made up of metal. The head is also made of metal but a lighter metal to help the cheetah move with quicker speed and pace. This relates to engineering in many ways such as its mechanical structure. In engineering you are required to plan, design, and build what you want to make, with this cheetah that’s exactly what happened. The engineers of this cheetah planned each part of the making of this cheetah they designed, the interior of it in a certain way so that its speed will increase to a high agility, and high/fast paced cheetah.