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Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

A Cup That Keeps Your Drink at the Right Temperature Every Time

The Ember Ceramic Mug is a mug for lingerers. It keeps drinks at a precise temperature. The mug connects with a smartphone app that lets users adjust and monitor their beverages’ temperature. This mug solves three problems: hot drinks will become cold after a while, hot drinks are sometimes too hot, and the temperature of one’s coffee is rarely perfect. The final slip of drinks will taste the same as the beginning. Additionally, the mug features an LED near the base that switches colors to specify the status of the mug and its contents. Customers can use the Ember app to adjust those colors.

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This mug relates to engineering, as it went through the process of designing and constructing. Moreover, it relates to the world, since millions of people will enjoy this item. In addition, fewer people will pour their drinks down the drain, because the final sip of the drinks will be as satisfying as their first. Countless engineers had to work on this to make it happen, such as mechanical and design engineers.

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