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Robots Might Be Dangerous

Robots being to advances can lead to lethal consequences

Robots Are getting so advancing so fast they mite lead to lethal consciences.  Scientist are working hard to make sure that the ai is safe and prepared to be used. But what if there unstable then it could leave to a lot of danger maybe even death. That’s why people are so worried about them how fast there advancing it puts us to risk.

How can we make sure were safe, we need to be prepared for anything dangers will we be put in danger if the robots get to advanced. That will be really bad for the human race and maybe even get to lethal consequences  like death maybe even worse

Scientists will continue to make test and make sure that anything deadly happens but till were sure we have no idea what ai will be capable of in the future if it falls into the hands of a dangerous person.

But hopefully for now robots will be our saviors and will continue to help us in medical and structural needs and will not become the deadly creatures you hope not to be in the future and will continue to be our friendly saviors.

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