The Jabulani

All about the FIFA World Cup ball, the Jabulani


The Jabulani

By: Haitem Khalid, Journalist

The Jabulani, manufactured by Adidas is a special ball. It was the official 2010 FIFA World Cup match ball and was only in production for 2 years. While the ball may have been the official match ball, it was used in other tournaments as well, such as the 2009 Club World Cup and the 2010 African Cup of Nations. The special thing about this ball is that it is perfectly rounded with grooves on it, the ball moves in the direction of the wind which makes the trajectory unpredictable and difficult for players to determine.

The meaning of the name Jabulani is “to be happy” in Zulu, while having a positive name it was received poorly by players which was one of the reasons they stopped production after only 2 years. If you were to find a Jabulani in your possession today, they sell for 30-150 dollars depending on the seller.

While this ball may have been overhated for its difficulty to use, there was one person remembered as a legend for his use of the ball and mastering of it’s trajectory, and that player was Diego Forlan. This World Cup ball will forever be remembered for it’s weird characteristics.



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