The PlayTable at CES 2018 above.

PlayTable is an electronic device acting as an electronic board for games. PlayTable plans to have an assortment of games and letting consumers use physical objects as game pieces. For example consumers would be able to use chess pieces to play electronic chess and the board could show where each piece could move. The PlayTable was introduces at CES 2018 in Las Vegas Nevada The creator has said PlayTable would be the “Netflix of board games.” The device is not yet been released it is only a prototype, although the people who saw the booth at CES 2018 said it was fun and they enjoyed the booth.

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In my opinion PlayTable relates to engineering and the world because it uses technology to be able to PlayTable would revolutionize the gaming world since all mobile games could be played on this intractable surface. Board games could also be replaced with this device. It would also attract a wide consumer base especially kids. The kids would love how they would be able to interact with the device and use real-world items to play various games. Engineers would have had to work on how to attract kids and other consumers to their device by making and developing games all ages would be able to enjoy and working on the actual technology of the device (touch sensors, connecting devices, etc…)