Nike HyperAdapt Teardown


By: Kevin Donnelly

Nike HyperAdapt Teardown: The Future is Now (in pieces, on our workbench)

The Nike HyperAdapt is a first-of-its-kind product in an entirely new category of shoe. These self-lacing shoes combine intricate mechanisms, sophisticated electronics, and unique fabrics. Nike calls the self lacing technology “FlyWire”. When a user puts pressure on the heal a flex PCB with four individual sensors in it start to lace up the shoe. The shoe has 5 LED lights on the bottom that light up when the shoe is activated or “woken up”. There is very limited water proofing around the LED’s, and the consumer can see the individual LED bulb. Nike has even added pins that could be used to track steps or harvest energy from steps to charge the battery.

All of this new technology could be the beginning of a new age in sneaker and shoe innovations. Many other brands will soon start to make shoes with self lacing technology in coming shoes. This advancement in shoe engineering technology could also open up new opportunities for a new shoe brand solely based on electronics and new technology. It also means that companies will have to start innovating new tech and adding new technologies to their shoes. It will most likely force more competition in the electronic shoe game.

It relates to engineering because of the different electronic parts in it that allow it to have all those functions.