How To Sell Candy In School

How to sell candy

How To Sell Candy In School

By: Zach Hanson, Journalist

So…. you want to sell snacks to your classmates, First, you’ll need to learn how to buy the snacks, luckily I’ll teach you how to! Before we get into how to buy snacks,we got to talk about why you should start selling candy to your classmates. You should start selling snacks to your classmates because you’ll probably meet new people that you have never met before. It’s also a good way to make money when you’re not old enough to have a job. Now, let’s get on to how to buy the snacks.

Step 1: You’ll need to know what to buy to make the most profit you will need to buy snacks in bigger packs such as a 6 pack of coke instead of 1 single coke, or a box of 10 bags of gummy worms instead of just a couple individual gummy worms bags. When you find an item you want to buy, check how much is in it, then price the item, then add up everything in the item and find your profit if you sell everything. Pretend, I find a box of pop tarts that costs $3.99 with 8 individually wrapped pop tarts, if you sell each bag of pop tarts for 1 dollar then you will make 8 dollars if you sell every single one. 8 – 3.99 = 4.01 that means that you will make 4 dollars profit!

Step 2: You need to know how to find the right people to sell, and NEVER sell to the kids that look like nerds or snitches because they will most likely tell on you. However, the people that always have money or are always eating something, those are the type of people that you want to ask if they want to buy anything.

Step 3: How to not get caught. To not get caught, you’ll need to not make it obvious that you are selling, if a teacher walks by mid trade just pretend that you are having a nice conversation with that person. ALSO DON’T TRY TO SELL TO TEACHERS THAT HOW I GOT CAUGHT. Anyways if a teacher tries to confront you, deny everything they says and make up a bunch of excuses, so you’ll not get caught. If you get caught selling, it’s not really a big deal they just take your stuff for the rest of the day, but there usually is no actual punishment.




I’m am not promoting anything here do not sell snacks if its not aloud in your school.