The “Big Dog” of Boston Dynamics

Mario Judah has a competitor.

The Big Dog of Boston Dynamics

By: Ishaan Pandya, Journalist

Big Dog was the first robot of the Legacies. He was built for battle, as most of the Legacies are, and he can carry an injured soldier to safety with a relatively smooth ride. The “knees” that have been built in, help it clear rough terrain that would otherwise be hard for medics to walk around. Big Dog also has auto balancing features to keep it from falling.

Another Legacy that is similar to the Big Dog, is Spot. Spot can be used inside and outside, and has a couple different features. For one, it is quieter but still has a buzzing sound. Two, it’s “knees” all point backwards, while all the “knees of the Big Dog, point inward. Lastly, it has a smooth shell and you can’t see the machinery inside.

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