What are Dolophones?

By: Eliot Wentzel, Journalist

This spider perfected the art of camouflage. Known as the wrap-around spiders, Dolophones is a genus of spider found primarily in Australia and Oceania. The genus contains 17 species known for their abilities to blend seamlessly into their surroundings during the day by wrapping themselves around twigs or flattening against tree bark. Females typically measure about 9mm (0.354331 inches) in length with males significantly smaller at around 5-6 mm(0.19685- 0.23622 inches). They might spook you if you come upon one out the woods, but don’t worry—their venom doesn’t appear to be harmful to humans. After all, who needs venom when you can hide so easily? It’s incredible to see the patterns and colorations of the different Dolophones species and just how well they blend into whatever type of tree they’re hidden against.

This wrap-around spider is weirdly adorable

Elusive ‘Wrap-Around Spiders’ Seamlessly Camouflage Into Their Surroundings