Top 5 Most Streamed Artists On Spotify

biggest artists on Spotify

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Photo: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

By: Zach Hanson, Journalist

Music has come a long way, from classical to jazz to rock to disco to hip hop and finally modern rap. But music isn’t all about the genre for lots of people, It’s about to person who sings it. the top 5 most streamed artist of all time are;

5. The Weekend with a crazy 36,000,000,000 streams

4.  Taylor Swift with an amazing 37,000,000,000 streams

3. Ed Sheeran with an incredible 39,000,000,000 streams

2. Bad Bunny with a tremendous 48,000,000,000 streams

1. And the number 1 artist with the most streams on Spotify is Drake with a insane  52,000,000,000 streams

Drake has a total of 7 albums and each one has at least 1 billion streams.


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