The Mercedes-Benz Vision ATVR: Vision of the Future

By: Ishaan Pandya, Journalist

The Mercedes-Benz ATVR is a car that was collaborated with Avatar(not The Last Airbender) and was designed to work in the way they ride their animals. The outside is exceptionally futuristic and sleek, with full-body windows on either side, wheels that glow with blue bands, and panels on the back that you can interact with.

When you go in, there is no steering wheel or control panel. Instead, you have to put your hand on the control panel on the armrest in-between the passenger and driver. After, the car will “come to life” in a heartbeat. This model references how Native people connected with the animals to ride them. The control panel will start pulsating, meaning the car is ready to go. To use the controls, put your hand up, and the controls will be displayed on your hand. To select something, you simply close your hand to select the option. You can also select one of the Pandoran creatures and look through their eyes.

Sadly, the VISION AVTR will most likely never be on the market. It will remain a luxury to see and a rare opportunity to drive.