Space X’s “Polaris Dawn”

The Polaris Dawn mission is going to be the first commercial spacewalk. CNBC Television

By: Olivia Rose, Journalist

This mission will be the first ever to include a commercial spacewalk. Polaris Dawn funded and commanded by Jared Isaacman is part of the program that will cover a series of launches with the first crewed Starship spaceflight. Polaris Dawn was originally set for late 2022. But now set for spring 2023.

The mission will launch a crew of four on the Crew Dragon SpaceX capsule. It will be atop of Falcon 9 launch system. It will orbit from Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Polaris will be going much higher than the Inspiration4 mission. It is expected to go higher than any other orbital mission. The mission of Polaris Dawn is to carry out the first commercial spacewalk. It will be performed at an altitude of 450 miles and roughly 250 miles from the Earth’s surface.

The main goal of the Polaris mission is to aid SpaceX. The program was founded by Isaacman to help improve human spaceflight and help the ultimate goal: getting to Mars. Part of this will be the Polaris III mission, which is most likely going to be launched aboard a starship. The Starship is SpaceX’s next-generation reusable launch system, made to reduce costs and help humans get to mars. The crew is currently undergoing intense training to prepare.



Polaris Dawn crewed mission could suffer additional delays

December launch planned for Polaris Dawn 


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