Spot The Robot

Spot is an agile mobile robot who was made by Boston Dynamics company


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By: Turki Almohimeed, Journalist

Spot is a four-legged agile mobile robot dog to be rugged and customizable who was created by Boston Dynamics company. Spot can operate clever and highly capable tasks that given and it’s well suited for untrusted environments and it’s fully capable of  can climb stairs and rough terrain, it weigh about 32kg. It can avoids obstacles, sees 360-degrees and it can go places that people can’t, the launch video of spot was in 2019 and it grow in popularity! Spot have five cameras two at the front, one at each side, and one at the back. Spot walks and acts like a dog as it has flexible joints in it knees and shoulders. Instead of people carrying out operations in areas where they might be at risk you can send spot. For example, you might want to find out what  kind of equipment has been left behind in a storage facility, but cannot send someone inside because of the potential health risk. This is where you would send spot. Spot can operate remotely and using it’s samara system you can see what’s inside without risks. Or you can put spot there and tell it to walk around twice a day. It can check weather things had moved out of place and flag that up.

Spot is designed to support different payloads that can be specifically configured for numerus tasks. Spot is capable of handling up to 14k payloads. BY-NC-ND 2.0





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