Animal-Free Eggs

EVERY Co. Has just released animal-free eggs.


By: Hunter Guthrie, Journalist

EVERY Co. has just released a ground shattering invention: animal free eggs. Called EVERY EggWhite, they produce the same height, foam stability, aeration, and texture as animal-derived egg whites when used in baking. While it is sustainably for vegans to eat due to it not coming from animals, people with egg related allergies will be unable to consume them because of the presence of nature-equivalent egg proteins. “Our proteins are real, nature-equivalent animal proteins (not plant-based or cell-based) made without using a single animal,” Arturo Elizondo, CEO and founder of EVERY said, “The ability of precision fermentation technology to replace the proteins of today is still in its infancy. We believe this technology will truly, and consequently, our world.”

Arturo Elizondo states that, “The egg white is one of the crown jewels of the food industry, known for its unique functional properties that make it almost impossible to replace –– until today. Today is also the first time consumers anywhere in the U.S. can get a taste of EVERY EggWhite and the fruit of seven years of deep R&D. It is an honor to bring this to the world with a brand known for having the highest standards – Chantal Guillon, and in an application that has been touted as the ultimate litmus test of egg white functionality in the culinary world: the iconic French macaron.” To celebrate the launch, EVERY  partnered with Chantal Guillon, the makers of the macarons. The company will offer limited-edition macarons made with EVERY EggWhite, consisting of the flavours Earl Grey, passionfruit, pistachio, strawberry, Tahitian vanilla, and dark chocolate. Preorders for US-wide shipping of the macarons begin today via the Chantal Guillon website.



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