Everything That You Should Know About The Metaverse


“Spotlight on Virtual Reality: Robot Repair” by World Economic Forum is marked with CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

By: Noah Siegel, Journalist

A Basic Understanding

A newer term has been going around recently and that is the Metaverse. It all started when Facebook rebranded to “Meta” and then invested $10 billion into it. They got a lot of trademarks for things like crypto trading and crypto wallets. The metaverse is what some people think the future of social interaction will be. Us talking about the metaverse now is like people talking about computers in the early 1900’s, Nobody has an exact idea on what it will be like. The metaverse will most likely be primarily on VR and AR. VR or virtual reality is when you put yourself in a virtual world. AR or augmented reality is when you put virtual things in the real world. It will also probably be on PC’s, mobile devices, and gaming consoles. The metaverse might be a good way to make money too. Different brands can design and sell virtual clothing and other cosmetics for your character/avatar, similar to games like roblox or fortnite. It is even said that Nike is planning on selling virtual sneakers along with other brands. There are already games that are very similar to what the metaverse sounds like it will be. These games are VR Chat and Rec Room. In both of these games, you can play games or just chill out with people in real time. In conclusion, I think that people will be very excited when the metaverse comes out and they will make it a big part of the future.