fluffy slime

fluffy slime

Slime, such a fascinating stress reliever and toy. Loved and used by many of all ages. Making slime is actually a really fun and exciting process. It’s a great activity to be doing with your friends and family. The process of making the slime is fun, but playing with it afterwards, is a whole different story.

To make fluffy slime you’re going to need to following ingredients;

  • elmers glue
  • borax
  • food coloring
  • shaving cream
  • corn starch
  • foaming hand soap
  • hair conditioner
  • lotion

This is chemical engineering because you’re mixing a lot of different substances to make slime. Especially when you add the borax in, that’s the key ingredient that makes the slime become slime. You add the borax into the substances and it chemically forms a new substance that is slime.

Homemade Slime Recipe